At Link Church, we believe that it’s not God’s plan for us to live life alone.  It’s important that you have someone else out there watching out for you.  When you go to church, it’s important that someone there knows your name, and you also know theirs.  God wants us to help each other through this life as we head to our final destination.

We want to help you get connected with a few other people that you can live life with.  We do this through Life Groups.  Life Groups are designed to give you a group of people to look after, but also be looking after you.  Don’t try to live life alone.  Join a Life Group today!

Below is a list of current Life Groups:

  • Mid-week Bible Study group (every 4th Wednesday) – Pastor Ben Kemp
  • Men’s group (last Sunday of the month) – Pastor Ben Kemp
  • Serving and Ministry group (every 3rd Wednesday) – Pastor Heather Kemp
  • Women’s group (every 1st Wednesday) – Pastor Heather and Dana Borque
  • Weekend Bible Study group (every Sunday) – Pastor Mike Durst


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